Living in a Mad World

Hello Lovelies,

I just finished the third book in the Mad World series by Christine Zolendz called Scars and Songs. I have posted about the first 2 books before on the blog and you can read that here. This post is going to be short today but only because I am afraid to spoil anything. This series is fantastic and pretty unique. A must read!

Scars and Songs (Mad World #3) by Christine Zolendz

17376157Blurb: Shane Maxton is front man for New York City’s popular rock band, Mad World. But he has secrets; he’s not what everybody thinks he is.
He comes from an ancient world, from a different time, when angels walked among men.
Read the story, through Shane’s eyes, of his forbidden love, his fall from grace and his inner turmoil from living with the irrational emotions of being human.
Disclaimer #1: This is the story of Mad World Books 1 & 2, Fall From Grace and Saving Grace, written through the point of view of Shane Maxton. 
IT IS THE SAME Love STORY of Grace and Shane. It’s just Shane’s turn to tell it to you, it’s everything you’ve read before and a whole lot more.
Disclaimer #2: This story contains rock and roll, angels doing naughty things, violence, cursing, drinking alcohol, substance abuse, sexual situations, and irritating scenes that will make you want to hurl your eReader or book out the window. It’s not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Rating: 5 Stars
Price: $1.50

I am slightly overwhelmed and speechless. This book was phenomenal! Shane’s POV was just what this story needed. The second book ended beautifully but the ending to this story was just insane and I loved it! Like the author says, this is the exact same story as books 1 & 2 just from Shane instead of Grace. The insight given is priceless and I could not imagine going back to only hearing the story from her side. Shane is such a great guy that we just don’t see that when only told from Grace as she is so scared that he is a jerk that she never believes him. The friends do not help this situation by telling her how Shane is with women. I thought they were crappy friends sometimes but at the same time they were looking out for Grace so I am not sure I blame them. It was so great to have the extra dialogue in this book. It so subtle that if I had not been reading them simultaneously I would never have known. But you will miss out so I strongly recommend that the books be read that way. What I did was read a chapter of Fall from Grace or Saving Grace and then a chapter of Scars and Songs (sometimes you have to read more than 1 chapter to keep them together). I fell back in love with this story while reading it from Shane and I have some new favorite parts because of the way they were told by him. This author is a great writer and I am looking forward to what she comes out with next.

❤ Amanda


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