This is a story of best friends who love to read, I know you are thinking that’s what most book blogs say. But we are amazingly awesome and I think you will like us too or better. ūüėČ

First off we need to tell you about ourselves. I am Amanda and I am adorable!

Amanda– I am a going to be a veterinarian in May 2013 and this year will be crazy and the best year of my life. But I read to deal with the stress. I love to read a variety of genres but most have to have some sort of romance involved. I am also very new to blogging so I promise this page will get better as I learn how to make it neat and organized.

Link to Amanda’s¬†Goodreads page

I met Heather in 2nd grade over a box of crayons and we have been best friends/sisters since then.

Heather- Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by our blog. My name is Heather and I am a high school English teacher. I love reading¬†young adult¬†and new adult books. I did not start reading until I was about twenty. I never liked reading as a kid, but now it is my favorite thing to do. I am married and have two crazy dogs who drive me crazy. I can’t wait to share my reviews with all of you and hear your feed back.

Link to Heather’s¬†Goodreads page

During my time in veterinary school far away from Heather, I met a fabulous person that is now also my best friend and she will be doing guest posts or full-time posting, not sure yet.

Misty tends to read other genres of books or books that I have never heard of which will make her a valuable blogger. Misty is taking the grown-up way out of vet school and getting a job where I will be doing an internship and residency. So Misty may have more or less time than we think depending on how her fantastic job is going. I have not been very successful in getting her to use her Goodreads account but she is trying to do better.

Link to Misty’s Goodreads page

I would like to think that I am the glue holding us all together but in reality they are the cement that grounds me!

Feel free to add us as friends on Goodreads and to like our blog Facebook Page

‚̧ Amanda

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