R.L. Mathewson

Hello Lovelies,

Today I want to get the word out about one of my favorite authors! R.L. Mathewson currently has 9 books (4 series) out and a 10th book, Black Heart, that will be released June 22nd. She really tries to keep the price down on her books and as of now most of her books are $0.99. The newer books, Checkmate and Black Heart, are $2.99. Here is a list of all the books grouped by series and then listed according to my favorites. She writes romance novels but all are pretty funny and the Pyte/Sentinel Series is paranormal. So there is something for everyone in her repertoire. Check them out!

Pyte/Sentinel Series
1. Tall, Dark & Lonely
2. Without Regret
3. Tall, Dark, & Heartless

Neighbor From Hell Series
1. Playing For Keeps
2. Perfection
3. Checkmate

EMS Series
1. Sudden Response

Hollywood Hearts Series
1. A Humble Heart
2. A Reclusive Heart

Cursed Hearts Series
1. Black Heart– (book released on June 22, 2013)


** All links are to Amazon Kindle versions except Black Heart which is linked to Goodreads because it is not available for preorder. The link to Black Heart will be in the review and on the Waiting With Bated Breath page after publication. **

❤ Amanda

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