Book Review: Up In Flames by Nicole Williams

Good Evening Lovelies
I finished this book yesterday and I wanted to share my thoughts with y’all.

Up In Flames by Nicole Williams


Rating: 3.5 stars
Price: $3.99
 I liked it more than most books I give 3 stars to but less than 4 star books. I was kind of disappointed, I love Nicole Williams’ Crash Series! This book was super cute. However, there wasn’t really anything good that stood out. First, this book is about Elle, a good girl, that is going to marry Logan, the baseball playing pastor’s son. Elle doesn’t do anything reckless, or so everyone thought. But I agree with Cole that if a girl is skinny dipping she has a wild side. So she meets Cole, the smokejumper or basically a skydiving firefighting nomad. She gets way in over her head and I didn’t like most of her decisions. Even towards the end of the book she was still doing stupid things and wasn’t being respectful of anyone around her. I hate when characters are too “good” meaning that she didn’t curse or use any dirty words like ever, I think she said one hot thing the whole book. At one point she says “do me” and that killed any spark that was there for me. There were good parts so the book is worth reading. The ending was nice and sweet. I hate when stories just end and I don’t get an epilogue or anything to tell me that whatever changes they made actually stuck or that the person they are with was worth all the drama from the book. But some authors don’t put epilogues in their books because really in this case it isn’t needed just wanted. I hated that I didn’t love this book but it was good so I think you should try it out.

❤ Amanda

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