Recommendations by Misty

The Bluegrass Brothers by Kathleen Brooks


I am addicted to these books to the point that I get an e-mail that she has a new one and I buy and read it that day. They are cute, fun reads and I love the characters. I will admit that she uses some corny pet names, especially towards the end of the books but its not so overpowering that it ruins the stories. In some books there are mistakes, like the Christmas novella where some of the facts were a little off but since I love them so much I let them slide. In addition, one of her books (Rising Storm) has a wonderful, beautiful veterinarian saving the day, who doesn’t love that. 


The Legacy Collection by Ruth Cardello


I started reading this series because the first one was free (Maid for the Millionaire). I really like the men in these books. I’ve always had a problem with really manly men in my books because they will say something I know no man would ever say, but I can get behind these guys and it makes the whole book wonderful to read.

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