Holy Cow, Colleen Hoover I Love You

So I just finished a book that kind of put me in a funk. I log onto Facebook to let everyone know I am not slacking that I did read today and I see Colleen Hoover has posted something from Holder’s (Hopeless) POV. Immediately intrigued I clicked to check it out and guess what was waiting for me…

Not only the fact that the 3rd Slammed book (Colleen says its still untitled) will be released in April 2013!!! But that there will be a sequel to Hopeless from Holder’s POV. That book will be released in July 2013!

I have always professed my love for the stellar Colleen Hoover but now I love her a little more and I didn’t think that was possible. If you haven’t read her books yet, please do so ASAP!

Check out Colleen’s website

Check out her books that all are included on my favorites list.



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